James Corden Reacts To School Shooting And Offers A Brit's Perspective On Guns In America

"You can listen to America's children."

James Corden's Late Late Show was off the air last week when 17 people were killed in a school shooting in Parkland, Fla., but he took a few moments to share his thoughts during Tuesday night's show. The host sent his love to those affected by the tragedy, and offered a Brit's perspective on the issue of guns in the United States.

"When I came to America three years ago to take this job, I could never have imagined that as a late-night host I'd be talking about mass shootings, and talking about so many of them," Corden admitted, recalling arguments made after the Las Vegas shooting that it was not his place to discuss the topic as a non-American.


"I may not be American, but I have experience of what happened in my country when a mass shooting happened," Corden continued. "And I also have children who are American, and they go to school here, and like any parent, I want my kids to be safe."

Corden looked at gun control measures the U.K. and Australia took after mass shootings in their own countries, as well as Japan's strict rules for gun ownership — and how these measures have prevented further gun deaths: "Although these types of mass shootings have become normal in this country, they're not normal at all for the rest of the planet."

The host suggested that "something has changed" after Parkland, pointing to the student survivors who are taking a stand and promoting the March For Our Lives on March 24 in Washington, D.C. "It isn't foreign late-night hosts you need to listen to," he said. "But you can listen to America's children."

Hear everything Corden had to say on the subject below:


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