One Direction And James Corden Join Up For Some Hilarious Karaoke Covers...To One Direction

Scratch that hiatus.

One Direction may want to cancel that hiatus.


Well if the unofficial fifth member, James Corden, had any say, they certainly would.

He invited the boys for a ride along in his Range Rover to do some hilarious karaoke to their own songs. '

Cuz why would do karaoke to anything else when you have a slew of top 10 hits yourself?

They first kick it off with some "What Makes You Beautiful."

It wasn't all just singing. They also gave some driving advice to an excited fan. Hands on the wheel!

After too much soda, they then get into "Drag Me Down." Not only does Corden drop a freestyle out of the blue, Harry goes off on a riff for the karaoke ages.

It does feel so right James. It does. Watch the video below.


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