Watch James Corden Come For Nicole Richie In An Epic 'Drop The Mic' Battle

"You're about to get served with your own silver spoon."

A few lighthearted insults exchanged by friends or colleagues make for quite a good bit of fun. James Corden's Late Late Show spin-off Drop the Mic has been serving up some hilarious entertainment since it premiered on TBS last month. We've laughed as Corden and Halle Berry faced off, and especially loved last week's episode, which featured Charlie Puth going up against all five Backstreet Boys

Corden returned to the show for the latest rap battle. This time, to challenge Nicole Richie. The rap battles on the show are, of course, all in good fun and each celebrity who does it is a good sport about the whole thing. The insults are received as humorous rather than hurtful and usually everyone is just impressed with what people come up with. 

Corden and Richie's battle was no exception. They both proved they're worthy opponents. 


"I'm about to battle James Corden/ I don't wanna be vague / He's the worst British export since the plague," Richie rapped. "Congrats James / 'Drop the Mic' is your show / You asked to rap every week / And TBS said, 'No' / You're the king of late-night / Top dog at 12:30 / You always go viral / But so does herpes / I'm gonna be mean because I can't be a phony / And you're gonna fuck up this battle like you fucked up the Tonys." 

Later, Corden used Richie's career as fodder for his clap back. 

"Let's thank Nicole for the phrase 'That's hot' / If you wonder what she smells like, that's pot," he rapped. "VH1 canceled you / I gotta know the reason / Because remember they gave Flavor of Love / Three seasons! / Your new show is called Great News / How inspired / My great news would be if you just retired / Someone call Lionel 'cause I got a feeling / She'll end up destroyed while I'm dancing on the ceiling." Corden then used the opportunity to break into song and dance, which we admittedly appreciated. 

See his moves for yourself and decide who won in the video below:


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