Watch James Corden And Niall Horan Put A 'Magic Mike' Twist On Trick-Or-Treating

Bringing some much-needed male sex appeal to Halloween.

When you hear "sexy" and "Halloween" in the same sentence, it's usually referring to one of the many, many sexy costumes marketed towards women this time of year. Name any costume you can think of, and there's probably a skimpy version of it on sale somewhere. 

But Late Late Show host James Corden isn't one to follow conventions, so he brought some much-needed male sex appeal to the holiday by casting himself in a sexy-meets-spooky music video and bringing Niall Horan of One Direction along for the ride.

In order to properly set the steamy tone, the song parodies "Pony" by Ginuwine, the '90s classic that you might recognize from Channing Tatum's stripper series Magic Mike. James and Niall's version is called "Candy," and it features some seductive trick-or-treating and plenty of sweet puns. Take, for example, this line from Niall: "I love you Now and Later, and girl, you're just so Red Hot."


Their costumes — including an ear of corn and a pea pod — may not seem particularly sexy on the surface, but it's all about the attitude. The neighborhood ladies can't resist their charms, especially when they show up with full-size candy bars. 

Treat yourself to the full music video below:


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