James Corden Maybe Stood A Chance In This Rap Battle — If It Wasn't Against Method Man

"Sure you're ready for this, Meth?"

If you thought Halle Berry held her own against James Corden on Drop the Mic, just wait until you see how Method Man did against him on The Late Late Show. The Wu-Tang Clan founding member and the talk show host went head to head in a freestyle battle and, in the least surprising thing ever, the actual rapper took home the trophy.


Method Man — whose actual name is Clifford Smith and who hosts Corden's Drop the Mic each Tuesday at 10:30 ET alongside Hailey Baldwin — didn't hold back at all. Corden held his own but it was the Method Man who spat the best game. One thing's for certain, though: these two came to play and weren't afraid to go there with their competitor.

The Emmy winner was up first, taking a dig at Method Man's relevancy with lines like "I can't believe I'm battling you, no lie / I was like, 'Oh my God ... is he still alive?" The Grammy winner, who went next, took aim at Corden's weight and body (with lines like "I heard you tryin' to lose weight / try Walking Karaoke"). The back-and-forth goes on for a few rounds until Method Man is declared the winner, embracing Corden at the end.

It's really fun to see these two titans of their respective areas have some carefree fun — to our own enjoyment, no less. What do we have to do to get Corden and Method Man to do an episode Carpool Karaoke? It would certainly be good to get the Wu-Tang Clan back together again. Make it happen, universe!

Watch the full rap battle here:


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