James Corden Challenged Manchester United To A Match Against 100 Kids

"They are young, they are hungry ..."

Leave it to James Corden to set up the most adorable soccer match we've ever seen. When the Late Late Show host heard that famous British soccer club Manchester United was headed to Los Angeles for their preseason tour, he just had to put a team together to play them. 

That team, Manchester United was surprised to discover, consisted of 100 children. As Corden said to introduce them, "They are young, they are hungry, and I mean those both very literally." The team of excited girls and boys then stormed the field, ready to play.


Considering only three members of Manchester United (Juan Mata, Ander Herrera and Chris Smalling) were there to participate, it may have been a little imbalanced. Corden admitted that "weight-wise, it's actually only 40 adults ... which still is unfair."

Despite the uneven numbers and the inexperience of Corden's players, both teams gave impressive performances. A highlight of the match had to be the moment when one of Corden's 10 young goalies (yes, 10) actually blocked a goal from the professionals. When all was said and done, it seemed like both teams had plenty of fun — and that's all that really matters.

Find out which team won the match in the video below:


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