James Corden Helps His Staff Member Find A Date With A Live Tinder Game

Chelsea Handler helps.

Have you ever been swiping left and right on Tinder while wondering what it'd be like if the app were to come to life like a live dating game? Well, last night on The Late Late Show, James Corden answered that question with an actual live Tinder game he created to help his show's audience manager Tiffany, find a date.

There's a giant phone screen set up for each potential match to be presented to Tiffany, and she has the power to swipe them in or out of the running with a giant foam finger. So what happens when she swipes left? The guys just fall into a ball pit. No big deal.


James even gives Tiffany a celebrity mentor to help her make a decision — Chelsea Handler! Once Tiffany has narrowed her choices down to three, Chelsea gives her some advice for what question to ask the guys. They end up going with "How often do you lie?" The guys have some interesting answers, from "Only if I want to surprise my girl" to "Never."

Watch Tiffany make her decision here:

Tiffany and her chosen man had a date in the studio, and James checked in on them throughout the show. Find out if a second date is in the cards below.


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