Lionel Richie's 'Dancing On The Ceiling' Becomes 'Stuck On The Ceiling' With James Corden

Oh, what a feeling.

We love it when music icons have the good humor to play along with Late Late Show host James Corden in reimagining their classic songs, often with very funny results. On Wednesday, the icon was Lionel Richie, and the classic song was 1986's "Dancing on the Ceiling."

Richie joined Corden for a spoof of the song's music video, in which he and other partygoers literally dance on the ceiling. The difference is that, in this version, Corden has a bit of trouble getting back on the ground when the video's director yells "Cut!"

"Lionel, I'm not joking. I'm stuck!" he tells the singer, who doesn't quite believe him at first.


Richie tries to help, mostly by throwing things — like a keyboard and a telephone — at Corden to try and knock him down. The host isn't exactly amused.

When Corden mentions that he's hungry, Richie figures out a way to get him a hot dog — although the ketchup and mustard get a little messy.

In the end, Richie decides to go home and deal with things in the morning, much to Corden's horror. He does eventually manage to get himself down, although he may still need some help.

Watch it all go down (or rather, up) in the video below:


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