James Corden Proves Justin Bieber's Lyrics Are Unquestionably Perfect Soap Opera Dialogue In This Hilarious Sketch

"Baby!" "Baby!" "Baby!" "Ohhh!"

Justin Bieber might've said "I didn't want to write a song," but, luckily for James Corden, he never said anything about not wanting to write a soap opera scene. 

The Late Late Show host has always had a case of the Bieber Fever, but this latest sketch, titled "The Bold and the Lyrical," proves it may just be incurable. 

Corden, Salma Hayek Pinault, Ray Romano, and Gary Oldman acted out a passionate and dramatic scene in which they spoke entirely in — you guessed it — Justin Bieber lyrics.


While most of the "dialogue" came from Bieber's latest and greatest album, Purpose, there were a few throwback remarks and even a One Direction slip, courtesy of Ray Romano.  

They say imitation is the fondest form of flattery, but imitation in the form of soap opera dialogue runs a pretty close second. If nothing else, Corden has shown the world that his bromance with Justin is even better than that of General Hospital's Luke and Laura.

So if you like the way this sounds, then you should go and watch yourself:


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