James Corden And Kevin James Compete For The Title Of Most Embarrassing Soccer Dad

With a cameo from Adam Sandler.

Anyone who's been to a youth sporting event, whether as a player or a spectator, knows that the parents can get pretty passionate about their young athletes. That said, we've never seen them go quite as far as James Corden and Kevin James did on The Late Late Show last night.

In a new sketch, the two real-life dads sit in the stands at a kids' soccer game, cheering on their sons. Things start out innocently enough, with Corden and James competing to shout the most supportive messages for their kid. "MVP! MVP! MVP!" Corden chants for his son.

After that, the pair trades a few insults worthy of a rap battle.

Eventually, the dads start resorting to extreme measures to show they're the biggest cheerleaders. That includes dressing up as actual cheerleaders. Things quickly get musical as they bring out speakers, turntables, and even marching bands to prove themselves to be the most embarrassing dad there.

By the end, a special guest arrives — Adam Sandler, dressed as a referee. But he's not there to declare a winner. Instead, he informs them that the game is no longer even happening.


Check out all their shenanigans in the video below:


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