James Corden Wakes Up In Vegas For A Soap Opera Using Only Katy Perry Lyrics

"There's a stranger in my bed, there's a pounding in my head."

What happens when you wake up in Vegas? You star in a Katy Perry soap opera, of course. 

Last night on The Late Late Show, James Corden brought us another installment of "The Bold and the Lyrical." Previous episodes have featured lyrics from Justin Bieber and Beyoncé. This time, the artist whose songs inspired the oh-so-dramatic script was none other than the California Gurl herself.

The episode starts with James waking up in a hotel room. "There's a stranger in my bed, there's a pounding in my head," he says, only to discover that his bedmate is Claire Danes. "I'm wide awake," she says.

And she's not the only one. Keeping with the "Waking Up in Vegas" theme, James and Claire suddenly remember that not only did they maybe get hitched last night, but they also had a ménage à trois with Jack McBrayer.


It's not long until Christine Baranski shows up to discover that James cheated on her. "I used to be scared to rock the boat, so I fell for everything. Well, get ready, 'cause I've had enough," she says. "I've got the eye of the tiger, dancing through the fire. You're gonna hear me roar!"

Of course, no Katy Perry soap opera would be complete without an "I Kissed a Girl" reference. In this case, the cherry chapstick James finds in his bed at the start of the sketch is finally explained, with several dramatic glances for effect.

See it all go down in the video below:


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