James Corden, Josh Groban, And Heidi Klum Sing Karaoke With Only The First Lines Of Famous Songs

That's all you really need.

Monday night, James Corden debuted a new karaoke game we can't wait to try out at our next party. It's called First Line, Every Line, and the goal is exactly what you might expect — to sing the first line of a famous song as every line. 

James found the perfect competitor in Josh Groban. Although the singer's music might not be very funny, he continues to share his great sense of humor both on social media and in late-night appearances like this one. As he tells himself, "don't be afraid to show that you're a weirdo who's serious about your music but can also tell poop jokes if you feel like it."

Josh may not tell any poop jokes here, but he definitely looks like he's having fun singing hits like Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and Sia's "Chandelier" using James' creative new technique. Turns out, you really don't need more than a song's opening line to give a dynamic performance.


When James and Josh can't decide which of them won the game, they bring out "professional television judge" Heidi Klum to help. But according to Heidi, "we're all champions." That, of course, leads her to sing a certain champion-themed song. If only she could get past paying her dues.

Hear all the first lines, over and over again, in the video below:

Cover image via Twitter


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