Watch Children Show Gwyneth Paltrow And James Corden How Dancing Is Done

"I heard they made Beyoncé cry."


Last night, James Corden signed up for another "Toddlerography" class to learn from some of the very best dancers in town. This time, the Late Late Show host brought Gwyneth Paltrow along for some movin', groovin', and moral support. 

"So glad we got into this dance class," Corden says. 

"It's impossible to get into," Paltrow says. "It's supposed to be really intense, also." 

"I know," Corden replies. "I heard they made Beyoncé cry."

The pair stands behind their instructors, who are itty-bitty toddlers, and try to mimic their every move. 

They soon realize just how intense the class is with the toddlers doing moves that include running from wall to wall, swinging their arms, and pounding the ground. Yeah, it's pretty darn cute.

Can this be a real thing? We want in on this class. 


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