James Corden And Emily Blunt Play Romeo And Juliet With A Pop Music Twist

And a bonus happy ending.

Fans of Into the Woods got to see a musical reunion between the Baker and the Baker's Wife on The Late Late Show Thursday night when host James Corden welcomed actress Emily Blunt for another installment of his endlessly entertaining Soundtrack series.

In the past, Corden has performed the "Soundtrack to a Rom Com" with Anne Hathaway and the "Soundtrack to a Love Story" With Anna Kendrick. Since the show filmed from London this week, the host decided to pay tribute to William Shakespeare by reenacting Romeo and Juliet — with a twist. Corden and Blunt play the doomed couple to the tune of 14 modern songs, performed on seven sets, in just one take.

"Zero pressure," Corden says of the feat before they begin.

Whatever pressure they may have felt certainly didn't show, because the pair totally nailed it.


Things start off with Romeo channeling Bruno Mars to tell Juliet she's amazing.

The story soon takes a dramatic turn. Who knew they had kung fu fighting in fair Verona?

But don't worry, this version has a happy ending, as Romeo and Juliet come back to life to celebrate their "Everlasting Love."

Hear the rest of the songs in the video below:


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