James Corden Recruits Seth Rogen And Rose Byrne For A Live Crosswalk Musical

You've never seen "The Lion King" like this before.

Last night on The Late Late Show, James Corden gave a whole new meaning to the term "street performer" when he and a ragtag group of actors put on a live production of The Lion King entirely in a crosswalk. It's called "Crosswalk the Musical," and it'll have you wondering why theater groups haven't already been doing this for years.

James made sure to get some serious star power for the show, first and foremost by giving himself the part of Simba, but also by casting Neighbors 2 stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. Rose was extremely enthusiastic about the opportunity, whereas Seth was mostly just confused about how he got roped into it. Nevertheless, he gave his all to his very important role as the scenery.

Unfortunately, one of the risks of performing in a crosswalk is getting hit by a car when the light changes. Thankfully it doesn't look like any members of the cast were harmed, thanks in part to Seth's quick thinking as "The Moon."


Overall, the show was a success, with most drivers who weren't completely befuddled seeming to enjoy the carside entertainment. The young woman who happened to be crossing the street during "The Circle of Life," however, seemed to just want out of there. 

Watch all the magic below:


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