James Corden Shares The Story Of His Daughter's Birth, And What He Almost Named Her

"My wife did not think that was funny."

James Corden returned to The Late Late Show last Thursday after his wife Julia unexpectedly gave birth to their baby daughter earlier in the week. While he didn't go as far as to bring the new baby on the show, as Jimmy Kimmel recently did with his son Billy, he did share some details about her birth.

Corden explains that he and his wife were in for a routine checkup when the doctors told them the baby was likely to be born in the next few hours. "So I did what I always do in my life at a time of crisis. I called Harry Styles," the host said, thanking the singer for filling in on short notice.


Because the baby wasn't expected to arrive for another couple of weeks, Corden and his wife hadn't chosen her name — although they very nearly gave her one by accident. When the doctor asked what they wanted to name her, Corden joked, "We're gonna call her Beyoncé."

His wife apparently wasn't very amused, especially when a nurse started filling out a form with the name. You'll have to watch Corden's monologue to find out how he stopped his daughter from officially becoming Beyoncé Corden.

Hear Corden tell the story in the video below:

(H/T: PopSugar)


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