This 'Internet Famous' Dad Explains How Social Media Has Impacted Raising His Four Daughters

"All parents are in the same boat."

James Breakwell is a dad to four daughters under the age of 7. He is also the man behind the popular Xploding Unicorn Twitter account where he has amassed a following of over 705,000, writing about the trials and triumphs of raising his kids, and sharing the girls' often hilarious perspectives on the world. You may have seen some of his hilarious tweets. 


Breakwell told A Plus he started out on Twitter initially writing jokes "about everything," but  later realized the tweets that did the best were related to his kids. "People like my children a lot more than they like me. I can't say I blame them," he told A Plus.

"Honestly, it would be hard not to tweet about my kids," he added. "They’re always around, and they never stop talking. There’s always a good joke in there somewhere."

Courtesy of James Breakwell

While his family might have initially been unsure of his tweeting, his wife eventually got involved in the fun. "At first, my wife was annoyed I was constantly on my phone," explained Breakwell, "Now that I've had some success at it, she sees the value in it. She sends me funny pictures of the kids and always tells me if they do or say something that would be good fodder for a tweet. I think she's fully on board now. She hasn't divorced me yet, which is a good sign."

Courtesy of James Breakwell

Using social media has also helped Breakwell learn some things about himself as a parent and about families in general. "Tweeting about my family has made me realize that everyone has weird kids. No matter how absurd my story, there's sure to be at least one person who comments that their kid did the exact same thing. 

"That’s why my tweets resonate with such a large audience. All parents are in the same boat.”

Courtesy of James Breakwell

 "Social media has definitely changed the way I parent," he wrote, "If things go right, my life is easy. If things go wrong, I have great material for a tweet. Either way, I win. Now I'm disappointed when I go an entire day without any disasters."

Take a look at some more of Breakwell’s hilarious tweets below:


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