After This Grandma Realized She Texted A Wrong Number Her Thanksgiving Plans, She Invited The Stranger Anyway

"That's what grandmas do."

Wrong calls and texts happen all the time, and they usually just end up in a "Sorry wrong number" exchange. But for one teen in Phoenix, Arizona, a different outcome occurred. 

When 17-year-old Jamal Hinton received a group text from an unknown number inviting hm to Thanksgiving, he engaged in the conversation to find out who the people were. When Hinton asked, "Who is this?," a person in the group text replied, "Your grandma."


To make sure he was talking to HIS grandma, Hinton asked her to send a picture.

Sure enough, the person who sent over the picture, was not his grandma at all, but instead a stranger named Wanda from Mesa, Arizona who had simply gotten the wrong number. 

Hinton asked if there would still be a plate available for him at Wanda's Thanksgiving, and in true grandma fashion, Wanda replied that of course there would be. She wrote, "That's what grandmas do ... feed everyone."

Hinton shared his sweet exchange with Wanda on Twitter and it went viral. People loved the Thanksgiving spirit and hoped that the two would actually meet for dinner.

It isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but Wanda's actual grandson, Brandon, took to Twitter to share a photo of Hinton and Wanda together.

Hinton told ABC15 that he and his new friend Wanda have kept in touch. She has even given him her new phone number. "I thought, 'Wow, this lady is really nice. Any other person would probably blow me off, and be like, 'No, never text my number again,' but she was actually pretty nice and sweet about it." 

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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