Jake Gyllenhaal And Ryan Reynolds Prove Their Friendship By FaceTiming On Seth Meyers' Show

Just in case you didn't believe them.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds are quickly becoming our new favorite celebrity BFF pairing, giving even Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence a run for their money. The actors, who star together in this month's new sci-fi thriller Life, have been having a blast together on the movie's press tour, and lucky for us, we get to watch it.

Gyllenhaal recently appeared as a guest on Late Night, where host Seth Meyers asked him whether or not he and Reynolds are really friends. "Could you get him on the phone?" Meyers asked. Then he upped the challenge by asking him to make it a FaceTime call.

They tried Reynolds twice during the interview, but he didn't pick up. Meyers joked about having to cut that part out of the episode, but later in the show something happened. When Meyers was backstage fixing a mic issue, Reynolds called Gyllenhaal back, and the guest came out to show the audience.

"Here's what I'm doing," Reynolds told his pal. "Pushing baby strollers." And just to further prove it was really him, he threw in some of his signature humor, joking that was off to get his lips done.

Meyers made sure to apologize to Gyllenhaal for doubting him.


Watch it all go down in the video below:

(H/T: Variety)


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