Jake Gyllenhaal Shares Why He Admires Friend Ryan Reynolds In A Sweet Tribute

These two are friendship goals.

Once again, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds have proven that they're total friendship goals. In a new essay for Variety's "New Power of New York" list, Gyllenhaal writes about his friend's efforts to get Deadpool on the big screen, as well as his commitment to being a good father and husband.

Of course, since this is an essay about Ryan Reynolds, there's also some humor thrown into the mix. Gyllenhaal starts the piece by describing his first impression of Reynolds as "quick and warm and thoughtful," adding, "He was also taller than me. Against my wishes, we became close friends."


Gyllenhaal writes that Reynolds "built the house of Deadpool brick by brick," adding, "The remarkable success of 'Deadpool' may have shocked the suits who took a chance on financing that ragtag superhero movie, but for the people who know and love Ryan, it was no surprise that the whole damn world rallied as soon as it had the chance to really see him: all of the edges and darkness, the crackerjack wit borne from a lifetime of sensitivity and sadness, and against all odds, the openness."

Reynolds, who produces the Deadpool films and co-wrote the sequel in addition to donning the skintight suit, had reportedly tried to convince 20th Century Fox to make the film for more than a decade.

But Gyllenhaal admires Reynolds for more than just his work ethic. "He writes all night so he can be present for his kids and wife all day," the actor writes in his piece. "So often — too often — the wildly talented people of our world funnel the lion's share of their energy into their work, but as good a writer and comedian as Ryan is, he is a better friend and father and husband. And that, for me, is the true mark of power."

Reynolds and Gyllenhaal previously shared their friendship with the world while promoting their movie Life last year. They got silly while answering the internet's most-searched questions about them, and Gyllenhaal FaceTimed Reynolds while he was appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

We're more than ready to read a response essay from Reynolds himself, perhaps in the form of a hilarious Twitter thread.

(H/T: Hello Giggles)


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