All Interviews Should Be Like This One Between Jake Gyllenhaal And Jeff Bauman

"You ever thought about doing a good movie?"

He may be beloved for his acting in dark drama and thrillers, but Jake Gyllenhaal might want to look into a future in comedy. The guy knows how to give a hilarious interview. Remember when he and Ryan Reynolds sat down to answer the internet's questions and spent all six minutes of their interview making jokes instead? Well, his latest interview may be even better. 

Gyllenhaal is currently promoting his new film Stronger with Jeff Bauman in which Bauman, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing, is played by Gyllenhaal. In 2014, Bauman released a book of the same name in which he details his experience losing both his legs in the attack and becoming the face of "Boston Strong." The film is out this week, so the pair sat down to interview each other in a video that's more hilarious than it is informative. 


"So what's your all-time favorite Boston movie besides Steel Magnolias?" Gyllenhaal joked. 

"Good Will Hunting," Bauman replied, without skipping a beat. 

"Original," Gyllenhaal said, with disapproval. Then, they both take turns doing a New England accent while talking about The Departed

Questions from Bauman to Gyllenhaal include, "You know Van Wilder right? Ryan Reynolds? I really wanted him to play me. I was just wondering why he didn't?" and "You ever thought about doing a good movie?" Of course, he couldn't resist asking him a question about Taylor Swift, too. 

See their responses in the video below:


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