Jake Gyllenhaal Tests His Bromance With Jeff Bauman In A Game From Ellen

"I want to do this forever."

Jake Gyllenhaal's bromance with Jeff Bauman might be even "stronger" than the one he has with fellow actor Ryan Reynolds. We put that word in quotation marks because Stronger is the name of Gyllenhaal's new movie in which he plays Bauman, a real-life Boston Marathon bombing survivor.

The pair has been showing off their funny friendship while promoting the movie, and last month Gyllenhaal completed the Boston Strongman Challenge on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to raise $10,000 for Bauman's chosen charity 50 Legs, which provides amputees with prosthetics. This week, the show debuted a new YouTube original video of the two guys playing a game 


"What Would Jeff Do?" is designed to test how much Gyllenhaal knows about the man he plays on the big screen. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have researched Bauman's Starbucks order or favorite romantic comedy in preparing for the role — but he still tries his best.

Perhaps the most surprising moment is when Bauman chooses Bubble Boy as his favorite Jake Gyllenhaal movie, instead of Stronger, as we (and Gyllenhaal) expected. The actor doesn't let wrong answers stop him from having fun, though. As he says at the end of the video, "I want to do this forever."

See how much Gyllenhaal knows about Bauman in the video below:


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