7-Year-Old With Autism Performs Mouth-Dropping Taylor Swift Melody, All By Heart

Jaw to the floor.

Jacob Velazquez, a 7-year-old with autism, has an incredibly breathtaking talent.


As one of Taylor Swift's biggest fans, Jacob can play a "1989" melody, all by heart, that shows off some seriously extreme talent.

His melody features fan favorites like Bad Blood and Shake It Off performed the most stunning piano rendition.

"I sometimes sit with him at the piano and call out track numbers from her most recent album," Jacob's mother Tina Velazquez writes on AutismSpeaks.org. "Jacob will play the song that corresponds, without ever being taught the music notes."

Jacob's talents have even led him to perform on television — specifically,The Steve Harvey Show.

According to his mother's blog post, Jacob literally dreams of meeting Taylor Swift on a daily basis, explaining that the pop artist inspires her son to reach his full potential.

And now, Taylor Swift has responded...

After watching Jacob's latest video, Swift tweeted:

Seriously, #BestDayEver.

Watch Jacob's full performance below:

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