People Were Asked To Share Their Deepest Fears. What They Said Will Teach You Something Important.

"Ghosts. Thunder. Nicolas Cage."

What are you most afraid of? Is it spiders?


Darkness and ghosts?

Maybe clowns?

A study by Chapman University revealed that the list of American fears is, in fact, topped by such phobias as the fear of heights, fear of bugs and other animals, claustrophobia and even the fear of zombies. Looks like "The Walking Dead" has taken its toll on humanity...

This collaborative project by YouTuber Jackson Harries takes it a step further and reveals the other side of people's fears and anxieties. 

Harries, whose YouTube channel JacksGap has almost 4 million subscribers, asked his fans to send a video message via Skype telling him what their deepest fear was. He ended up receiving over 2,500 messages from twenty countries around the world. 

This is an inspiring compilation that reveals how universal some of the biggest fears are, and teaches us to accept and own them.

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