After Having To Disable Comments On Her YouTube Videos, This Beauty Blogger Is Asking People To Stop Negativity Online

"I feel like sometimes you forget that I'm a real person."

Say hello to Jaclyn Hill.


Hill, who has more than 2.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, is a professional makeup artist.

Every week, she posts a new video usually featuring her signature makeup tutorials or makeup reviews. Just yesterday, however, she released a video addressing a topic way heavier than makeup — negativity online. 

"I just want to get this off my chest and just talk to you guys like a real person. Since I feel like sometimes you forget that I'm a real person," Hills says in her video.

"I have blood in my veins. I cry when I'm sad. I bleed when I get cut [...]." 

"In the past two weeks, I had to disable comments [due to negativity] on two videos of mine, which is the first time I had to do this in my YouTube career."

"The negativity has been so bad and so overwhelming that... it's, like, bringing me down. It's making me not wanna go to my videos. It's making me not wanna film videos. It's making me not wanna get creative. It's making me scared of my YouTube Channel.

And I know there are thousands of people that feel the exact same way as me. They are scared to leave comments on my videos, they are scared to interact with me, because of negativity that has been happening. It's just been getting so bad lately [...].

The way everyone is speaking with each other, it just breaks my heart. It's not even about me at this point. I mean, people, of course, are so mean to me and rip me apart on the daily, but it comes with a 'territory' [...]. Even though things hurt, I go 'toughen up, Jaclyn, gotta take it'. And I get that.

It's so much past that, though. Someone will leave a comment that's not even rude and then someone will come in and accuse them of being rude, and then they'll go back-and-forth. An hour later, there are forty comments, and it's just nothing but people cursing at each other, telling each other how ugly they are, they're bi*ches, you're a slut, you're this and you're that.

And it's just like.... What is going on? This is makeup."

"And I just want to encourage you guys to think about the fact that when you're typing on your keyboards, you are typing into a person's heart."

"My channel is a happy place. I am a happy person. I have worked my freakin' ass off to be a happy person. This does not come naturally to me. I have to put so much effort into being a happy person. 

It's not easy to be a happy and positive person every day, but we have to try [...]. 

We don't need to turn against each other."

Watch Hill's entire video below.

Judging by the video's comments on YouTube, people do get what Hill is trying to say when asking for change.

"I f*cking hated you before this video. I didn't know why, I just did," a YouTuber commented. "But because of this video, I now see that it's the jealousy and hate that I have for myself. I guess I was just jealous of how happy you were all the time and so talented. I've suffered [from] depression and still suffer [from] anxiety every single day. Please keep up with the positivity."



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