He Calls Up A Scam Number Pretending To Be An Elderly Person. What Scammers Tell Him Proves They Have No Limits.

These guys have no shame.

There are plenty of senior folks out there who feel lonely. All they really want is someone to talk to. They trust you enough to open up, and they also trust the advice you give. 

Be it about banks, stores or .... the Internet. 


Lets take an example: that spam page you get directed to when you enter the wrong web address.

Yep. The one saying that "your personal photos, Facebook and other personal passwords, as well as credit card information could be at risk", but you can easily solve everything by contacting "an official technician" at the number provided. 

Yeah, right. 

But while the trick might not work on you, it unfortunately does on many elders who are not digital natives.

So this guy calls some scammers up pretending to be an elderly person.

YouTuber Jack Vale, who describes himself as "just a family man who pranks people for a living," has had enough. He decided to call one of those scam numbers pretending to be an adorable oldie, and give scammers a taste of their own medicine. 

Scammers, however, do not seem to have any limits.

"We've only got about 400 dollars left that we can spend," Vale says into the phone imitating a voice of an old man.

"It's 399, no added taxes or anything like that," the lady scammer answers without a second thought. 

For some people, taking the last bit of money out of a grandpa's pocket is no big deal. Which is just not cool.

Watch the entire video below.

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