Jack Russell Terrier Tries To Teach Baby How To Crawl... And It's Adorable.

What a helpful friend.

This charming video was posted by YouTuber Curtis Henderson last year, but it only came across our radar today. In it, Henderson's then 5-month-old baby, Landon, is playing on the floor, trying to crawl...


But then Landon gets a little help from Griffin, Henderson's Jack Russell Terrier.

Most babies start crawling between 6-10 months.

Though some children skip crawling altogether and go straight to standing and walking.

Believe it or not, there are many different crawling styles...

Parents.com describes some of these styles as follows on their website:

    - classic crawl (moving one arm and the opposite leg together at the same time to push forward) 
    - scoot (dragging the bottom across the floor)
    - crab crawl (moving with one knee bent and the other extended, either forward or sideways) 
    - commando crawl (lying flat on the tummy and using the arms to move forward)backward crawl

We're pretty sure that with a patient teacher like Griffin, Landon's probably running by now.

Here's the complete video of Landon and Griffin.


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