This New Jack Johnson Single Is As Beautiful As The Voyage It's Helping Fund

A worldwide voyage, with sailors navigating only by the stars and sea.

Jack Johnson has released a new single to raise funds for an unprecedented sailing voyage around the world.


The singer and activist teamed with music crowdfunding site Rallysong to release "Nā Ho'okele ʻŌpiopio" (The Young Navigators) with Chucky Boy Chock and Paula Fuga to benefit the Polynesian Voyaging Society and to honor the traditional sailing vessel, Hōkūlea,which has been sailing for 40 years.

The Voyaging Society's two voyaging canoes, Hōkūle'a and Hikianalia, are embarking on a voyage around the world. The money raised from the sale of the single will support the journey.

What makes this journey special is that all navigation is done by the stars and the water.

In a press release, Johnson discusses the importance of tradition in Hawaiian maritime navigation:

"Hawaiʻi's voyaging canoe, Hōkūleʻa, still sails the traditional way, without modern instruments.  When I was growing up, she and her crew helped me understand what courage is all about. With the Worldwide Voyage of Hōkūleʻa, we have a new generation of navigators exploring the earth and bringing people together to find a sustainable future.  We are proud to support them."  

The Polynesian Voyaging Society has preserved the art of traditional navigation, teaching new generations to sail by methods that would otherwise have been lost decades ago.

The society hopes to bring attention to the importance of protecting cultural and natural resources.

Describing the voyage, which will cover more than 47,000 nautical miles and take the crew to 26 different countries, the Voyaging Society calls attention to the philosophy embedded in their mission: 

"The Hawaiian name for this voyage, Mālama Honua, means 'to care for our Earth.' Living on an island chain teaches us that our natural world is a gift with limits and that we must carefully steward this gift if we are to survive together. As we work to protect cultural and environmental resources for our children's future, our Pacific voyaging traditions teach us to venture beyond the horizon to connect and learn with others."

We all have to learn to live together on this island we call Earth.

"The Worldwide Voyage is a means by which we now engage all of Island Earth—practicing how to live sustainably, while sharing, learning, creating global relationships, and discovering the wonders of this precious place we all call home."

The Worldwide Voyage is already underway, with stops being made in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

It's a gentle reminder that these places are fragile and worth protecting, as are the traditions and culture that flourish there.

Here's Jack Johnson talking a bit about the voyage along with a beautiful clip of a recent live performance of the single.

We have the distinct honor of being the first to offer you this video, courtesy of Hōkūleʻa Worldwide Voyage on YouTube.

To purchase the single and support the Polynesian Voyaging Society's Worldwide Voyage, you can visit Rallysong here.

Cover photo courtesy of Na'alehu Anthony.

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