No, These Are Not Photographs

Feels like looking through 3D glasses.

Jack Ede, an 18-year-old artist from Sleaford, UK, keeps on stunning the world with his elaborate pencil drawings.


Jack says he was always fond of drawing, but began really exercising his skills only a few years ago.

His major breakthrough is related to this drawing of One Direction's Harry Styles. After it went viral, Jack quit school and started his own business as an artist.

Can you guess who that is?

What about now?

Yup. It took Jack 137 hours over the course of two weeks to finish this portrait of Morgan Freeman.

Although young, Jack has launched a pretty successful career and says he has customers from all over the world contacting him regarding submissions.

It's hard to believe Jack's prolific artworks are created using only pencils and markers.

Here's a detail of Walter White from the 'Breaking Bad.'

It took Jack 10 hours to finish this.

Jack skillfully plays with shadows and reflections, creating the hyper-realistic feeling of a photograph.

In one of his posts Jack shared what colors he uses to create realistic skin tones. It features nectar, rosy beige, beige, peach, walnut, etc.

Check out Jack's Instagram to see more of his amazing artworks.

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