Jack Black And Jimmy Fallon Can’t Keep It Together During Funny Scripts Written By Kids

"Stop asking me about pickles!"

We never get tired of Jimmy Fallon's "Kid Theater" segment. This week, he invited Jack Black to act out a few scenes inspired by his new movie The House With a Clock in Its Walls, as written by children. The results were wonderfully weird, and the pair could hardly keep it together.

In the first script, written by 10-year-old Jane, Fallon and Black play two young girls, one of whom spends half the scene petting an invisible cat. They then proceed to do the "weird clock dance," which you really have to see for yourself.


The second scene, by 9-year-old Elijah, has everything you could ever want in a script — pickles, ghost pirates playing guitar on the toilet, and apocalyptic "toilet-drinking monkeys." We may never look at a clock the same way again.

However, arguably the most creative submission comes from 9-year-old Jaden, who cast Fallon and Black as the clocks themselves. "I'm so sick of being a clock," one of them complains, to which the other replies, "Yeah. I can't even see what time it is." Needless to say, both of them get a good giggle out of that one.

Check out all the silly scripts in the video below:


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