Here's What Guys Need To Know About Planned Parenthood, As Told By Jack Antonoff


What do musician (and Fun. band member) Jack Antonoff and "Girls' " Alex Karpovsky (aka Ray) have in common? 

Aside from mostly being associated with Lena Dunham, they are the stars in Planned Parenthood's first "Her Shorts" video, in partnership with Refinery29. The goal is to educate the masses about the services the nationally known women's health care clinic offers to men — yes men, within the more than 5 million people it provides services to. 

Of course, they had to take the humor approach as the video also features comedian John Early and Saturday Night Live's Sasheer Zamata, and their conversation (albeit scripted) is hilarious. 

Antonoff is tasked with writing a song about Planned Parenthood's services for guys and can't quite seem to find the right lyrics. 

"I need advice about sex and a helping hand. Man, I need an HIV test and I need a better plan," he sings. 

"I need a f*cking helping hand," cuts in Early. "You have a Grammy, that is disgraceful."

And that's just the beginning.


Check the skit out below and men can go to Planned Parenthood now, you know. (How's that Jack?)


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