J. K. Rowling's Brilliant Plan For Trump's First Presidential Visit To The U.K.

"I'd like his vile Tweets juxtaposed against whatever he's been coaxed to read off an autocue."

J.K. Rowling has long been an outspoken critic of President Trump and his administration's populist agenda, and the Commander-in-Chief's tweets about Saturday's deadly terrorist attack in London and criticism of Mayor Sadiq Khan reinvigorated the conversation. It's worth noting that, according to Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the president's tweets are to be considered "official statements by the president of the United States."

So in preparation for President Trump's scheduled state visit to the United Kingdom, which The Independent says will likely take place in the fall, the Harry Potter author has devised a powerful plan to ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Rowling delineated her plan on Twitter, noting that should his state visit come to pass, she knows exactly how the U.K should demonstrate their appreciation for the president.

Rowling's plan, detailed above, calls for Trump's tweets to be shown everywhere he goes to "show support."

Though Rowling didn't cite any specific tweets, she's likely referring to the messages that Trump shared after Sunday's terror attack in London left seven dead and dozens more wounded.

Just hours after the attack occurred, Trump used it as a way to promote his entirely unrelated travel ban, which would call for temporarily blocking entry to the U.S. from a half-dozen majority Muslim countries. He sent his tweet out prior to issuing any condolences to the victims' families or to the city of London.

Subsequently, he did tweet his support, saying that "whatever the United States can do to help out in London and the U. K., we will be there."

The next morning, he lambasted Khan on Twitter, apparently misinterpreting remarks London Mayor Sadiq Khan made following the attack. According to CNN, Khan told Londoners there was "no cause for alarm" in regards to a visible increase in police activity on the streets of London. Trump omitted what Khan had said that Londoners shouldn't be alarmed by — policemen, not terrorists — when quoting Khan to his Twitter followers.

The mayor was reportedly still dealing with the aftermath of the terror attack at the time of Trump's tweet.

Though Khan first said he didn't have the time to respond to Trump's barbs, he has since called for the aforementioned state visit to be canceled, thus negating to use for Rowling's plan to hold Trump accountable for his bewildering tweets.

The mayor told Channel 4 News,  "When you have a special relationship, it is no different from when you have got a close mate. You stand with them in times of adversity, but you call them out when they are wrong."


Per CNN, Khan first insisted Trump's state visit to Britain be canceled after the U.S. President attempted to impose his travel ban via executive order back in January. At the time Khan called the policy "cruel and shameful."

PBS reports 1.8 million Brits have signed a petition demanding Prime Minister Theresa May cancel the state visit, an honor that has only been given to two American presidents since 1952.


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