Adaptive Clothing Brand IZ Collection Shows There Should Be No Restrictions When It Comes To Style

Fashion for all.

UPDATE: This article has been adjusted to include comments from Izzy Camilleri.

Everyone should feel comfortable to express themselves through their clothing, regardless of their size, age, ethnicity, or ability. This is a message being promoted more and more thanks to various positive social media movements and fashion campaigns.

Adaptive clothing brand IZ Collection has always been a champion of this message. Since the Canada-based label launched in 2009 by designer Izzy Camilleri, it has been focused on producing pieces that fit in with current fashion trends, but are adapted for those in wheelchairs.


Chris Chapman, IZ Collection

For its latest campaign, IZ Collection is showing that style has no restrictions by dressing models of all abilities in the same looks.

The Fall 2016 campaign features models Anita Kaiser, Alana Zimmer, and Grace Mahary. Kaiser uses a wheelchair while Zimmer and Mahary have family members who require one. Fashionista reports that Camilleri came up with the idea for the shoot after seeing one of her designs on someone who was standing. She thought it would be brilliant to show models of different abilities wearing similar looks. 

Chris Chapman, IZ Collection

"It was awesome seeing women of different abilities wearing my designs. Allowing for inclusion is what the IZ line is all about," Camilleri told A Plus via email. "Being able to wear what everyone else wears is very important to our seated clients. 

"I am hoping people are empowered by the images. I want people to see beauty in all human beings. I would like that they see we are all the same, whether sitting or standing, able bodied or disabled."

Chris Chapman, IZ Collection

Style is all about expressing who you are and that is something everyone should be able to do. As it states on IZ Collection's website, "We believe that fashion can be freedom. We believe in choice, self expression and uniqueness."

If you love IZ Collection, check out Runway for Dreams, a non-profit organization that partnered with Tommy Hilfiger to release an adaptive clothing line for kids. 


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