Watch This Robot Work Its Magic To Create The Perfect Messages In The Sand

We need one of these.

We've all seen those messages written in the sand that look perfect on Instagram. But when it comes to creating them on our own, we just can't seem to make them look neat or pretty.

But Ivan Miranda, a self-proclaimed "hyperactive YouTuber and creator" from Spain, came up with a solution: a robot that can write and draw your messages in the sand for you. 


In a video on YouTube, Miranda tests his robot for the first time on the beach, sets it up on a smooth layer of sand, and patiently lets the machine do its work. With that, we watch the robot move both horizontally and vertically over the sand, digging gently. 

At one point, Miranda stops to look at the footage of the machine's work: "It's so cool!" he says with excitement in his voice. 

Finally, the robot finishes its message in the sand: "Make something," in perfect block letters.

"What other way to tell you to make something than to make something?" Miranda says on camera. 

The process of how the robot works is explained on Hackaday:

"The idea is simple and elegantly executed: make a large linear actuator, place it on wheels, and attach a servo which can position an etching tool to be either in the sand or above it. The whole contraption moves forward one column at a time, making a vertical pass with the marker being engaged or disengaged as required. The columns are quite thin, giving relatively high-resolution text, though this does mean it takes a while. Adding another servo and marking two adjacent columns at the same time would be an easy way to instantly double the speed."

"I love everything 3D printing, and I see digital fabrication as the tool of the future," Miranda concludes on his website. Miranda's other projects include a DIY digital clock, a 3-D-printed skateboard, a DIY violin, and a 3-D-printed tool system, among other things. 

We love Miranda's creative spirit and can't wait to see what he comes up with next.


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