Why Don't Animals Need Glasses?

A silly question with an interesting answer.

There are about 4 billion people around the world who have vision impairments. In developed areas where treatment is possible, eyesight can be corrected with laser surgery, contact lenses, or glasses. While less-than-perfect vision is common in humans for a number of reasons, do animals have that same problem? 

Why don't animals wear glasses?


Sure, it seems like a pretty silly question. After all, animals have neither the opposable thumbs to craft glasses frames nor the knowledge of refraction to make corrective lenses. But learning about the quality of eyesight in the animal kingdom could help us understand why the percentage of people who need glasses continues to rise.

Joe Hanson, the bespectacled host of It's Okay To Be Smart, took on this question in his most recent video. By comparing our eyesight to animals, we not only learn why our eyes sometimes need a helping hand, but also why "perfect vision" for humans may still leave a lot to be desired.

Focus your eyeballs on the video here:

Cover image: Shutterstock


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