This School In Italy Had A Beyoncé-Themed Party And, Yeah, You Could Say It Was Pretty 'Flawless'

Packing our bags ... now.

A school in Italy recently taught its students the simple and most effective way to slay any par-tay — add a healthy dose of Beyoncé.


Twitter user Annie (@grannnnyannie) posted pictures from her school in Italy's "Beyoncé party." Festivities included eating doughnut hole-esque treats topped with pictures of Queen Bey and a two-hour long screening of her videography collection. 

While Annie was one of the lucky few actually able to attend this exclusive event, some on Twitter expressed their desire to say "boy, bye" to their homes, opting for a more Beyoncé-adjacent locale. 

Another commended Annie on her scholarly pursuits. After all, too few schools offer proper lessons in "Flawless 101," "How To Slay All Day," and "Home Economics: How To Make Millions Off A Single Citrus Beverage." 

Just like Shakira's hips, Beyoncé GIFs don't lie. We'd have to agree.

See more about Beyoncé in the video below:


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