There Are Two Distinct Kinds Of People At Concerts — Here's How To Be The Right One

It's time to talk about what happens at live shows.

Sexual violence is rife at music concerts, but compared to the robust and important discussion people are having about campus sexual assault, there is a disturbing lack of attention paid to this issue.

In light of the absence of dialogue — even awareness — surrounding sexual assault at concerts, a group of musicians has taken it upon themselves to tackle the problem. Launched by Australian band Camp Cope, the video campaign #ItTakesOne urges musicians, the crew, the audience, and anyone at a live show to speak up if they see sexual harassment taking place. 

"This video campaign was inspired by ongoing conversations between us and other bands about how awful it feels to have someone get hurt, assaulted or upset at one of your shows. How you as an artist feel personally responsible. We were all feeling very defeated by the continuous reports of incidents - nobody knew what to do but we all felt so passionately about it," Camp Cope wrote in a Facebook post on their band page.

"We wanted to channel that emotion into one clear message where we can express our stance on the issue and also make it something hopeful by encouraging the idea that every single person at a show is important and can make a significant difference. It's up to the artists, the audience, the venue, everybody.. to make a show safe."


Camp Cope wrote that the video intentionally featured all-male bands with predominantly male audiences because they felt that men, often but not always the perpetrators of sexual assault, should be included in speaking out against this behavior. 

"The idea is that it takes one person's behavior to ruin an entire show, but it also takes one person to stand up and say something to make a difference," one of the band members says in the video.

The campaign has been hailed on social media by many concertgoers — male and female alike. 

"We wanted to show people that they have the artists' support always!" Camp Cope added on Facebook. "We are always there for them. Without them we wouldn't be here, so we want them to feel safe, secure, supported and to have a great time."

Watch the full video here:


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