This Razor-Sharp Rebuttal To An Islamophobic Comment Is More Relevant Than Ever

As hate crimes towards Muslims increase, it's important to keep serving up the truth.

Societies have a lousy tendency to pin their misfortunes on those in the minority among them. In the early decades of the 21st century, some in Western nations have found Muslim communities easy scapegoats for larger systemic societal ills. Islamophobia is rampant and only growing ever more so here in the U.S and in Europe as far-right politicians ride the populist wave of anti-refugee backlash. 

Recently, one Tumblr user posted a photo of the World Trade Center's since-destroyed twin towers in pre-9/11 Manhattan, with the words "Imagine the world without Muslims" in bold caps. The image alluded that 9/11 would not have happened if not for Muslims, a sweeping generalization that charges all 1.6 billion followers of Islam for the terrorist attack.

But a dazzling rebuttal came from another Tumblr user, "whatpath," who took on the challenge of picturing a world without Muslims. The result is one bereft of innovations and products as we know them today, including coffee, anesthesia, Algebra, the numbering system, Braille, chess, shampoo, and so on. 


Since the post went up in May this year, it has been liked and shared more than 680,000 times on the blogging site. It seems more relevant than ever as this tumultuous year wraps up, serving an important reminder against stereotyping, particularly towards Muslim people, who themselves are made up of vastly diverse communities — just like any other ethnic, racial, or religious group.

Cover image via encikAn.


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