Model Proves Any Body Can Rock Any Look, Regardless Of What People Say

"It's more exciting when you can break the rules."

"You might have been told you can't wear something, but it's more exciting when you can break the rules," the gorgeous plus-size model Iskra Lawrence says at the start of a Glamour video. 

In the video, the bombshell proves your body size and shape doesn't affect which spring trends you can rock this season. From all white dresses, to bold prints and jumpsuits, Lawrence shows viewers how to embrace their curves and look their best.

Moreover, the model explains that though she's faced rejection from multiple modeling agencies, hearing she wasn't good enough gave her ammunition to accomplish her goals.

"It's a really exciting time for fashion for curvier women. Women are owning it. Women are saying it doesn't matter what size we are anymore. We feel beautiful. We demand that we have the same fashion as every other woman."


When it comes to the latest trends, Lawrence says that curvier women often hear they can't wear bright, bold prints. 

"But you want to stand out!" she says. Same goes for frilly pieces, white dresses, and jumpsuits. For her final killer look, Lawrence rocks a black, Lane Bryant culotte jumpsuit with heels, a leather jacket, and of course, confidence.

"We've all, at some point in our lives, [felt not] good enough. Do not let measurements, a label, your size, hold you back. The one thing you need to remember is you can wear anything if you feel beautiful in it. If you feel confident, you're going to make any outfit look amazing."

We hear that loud and clear.


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