Iskra Lawrence Shows Women How To Wear Everything They're Told They Shouldn't

"We all deserve to feel and look fabulous."

Body-positive model Iskra Lawrence wants women to stop hiding behind their typical fashion choices and start standing out. 

In a video for Glamour magazine entitled "How to Wear Everything You're Told Not To," Lawrence takes viewers into her personal wardrobe to suggest different holiday looks you can rock this season.

First, Lawrence picks out a two-piece, curve-hugging alternative to a dress: a sequined skirt with a simple knit top and a bow belt. Afterward, despite being told not to wear white, the model goes with an all-white ensemble featuring a structured blazer and a metallic sweater. 

Finally, in an attempt to bring color back into her wardrobe and really stand out, Lawrence picks a bold, red dress with cutouts and cutout sleeves. By the look on her face, it's clear that this dress truly makes her feel confident.


"Fashion is about you," she says. "It's about expressing your true self. It's about feeling confident and comfortable in what you're wearing. So no matter where you're going, choose what makes you feel beautiful. We all deserve to feel and look fabulous."

And that we do. 

Check out the full video below for more:

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