Iskra Lawrence Tells Her 'Body Story' And What She Hopes Young Girls Will Learn From It All

"... They don't need to fight who they are."

Actress Padma Lakshmi and model Ashley Graham are among the most outspoken advocates of body positivity, and have shared their empowering stories with Self for the magazine's Body Stories video series.

Most recently, model Iskra Lawrence, who has made headlines for silencing body-shamers and for her work as Aerie's #BodyReal spokesperson, sat down with the publication to share how she learned to love her body. 

In the video interview, Lawrence explained how much she used to want to change things about herself. 

"It's kind of funny 'cause until someone sometimes compliments you or celebrates a part of you, you have no idea that it was something special, or to be loved," she told the publication. 

The model explained her process of transitioning into the world of plus-size modeling, and how she invested time into changing her hips.

"Now ... I don't even think about that at all," she added. "I'm not trying to fit a shape or a size." 


At the end of her story, Lawrence reiterated that she doesn't want other girls to feel self-consciousness like she did growing up.

"I just really want them to love themselves and be happy, and realize they don't need to fight who they are."

For more from Iskra, check out the full interview below:

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