Little Girl Goes Head To Head With Sexist Gaston, Leaves Him Speechless

"Smile like you're making me a sandwich."

Belle would be proud.

A recent visit to Disney World by a little girl named Isabella resulted in "Beauty and the Beast" villain Gaston getting a lot more than he bargained for when he tried to tell her that maybe it would be better if she just stopped thinking for herself.


Despite the actor playing Gaston's repeated attempts to convince her that Gaston, not the Beast, was going to marry Disney princess Belle, Isabella just wasn't having it.

Things escalated when the actor, inspired by his character's scripted sexism, said, "We need to put her back in the kitchen, right now... Go ahead and smile like you're making me a sandwich."

But even Gaston's thick head was no match for little Isabella's spirit. She kept defending Belle and her beau until the very end. 

"You're not marrying Belle!" she insisted. "You are never, ever, ever!"

And with those multiple evers — and Isabella's fierce, feminist defiance — Gaston was defeated.

"I've been outdone by a girl," he said. "A short one."

And don't you forget it.  

(H/T Buzzfeed)


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