8-Year-Old's Reaction To Receiving Her Prosthetic Arm Is Priceless

“The impact on Isabella’s confidence was almost immediate..."

Technology has impacted each and every one of our lives in countless ways. For many, it has brought simple luxuries, like an app enabling us to order food online when we don't feel like getting out of bed. But for others, the impact of certain technologies has had actual life-changing effects.  One company named e-NABLE works in favor of people in the latter category. 

e-NABLE is a company that creates, designs and delivers 3-D printed assistive devices for people in need all over the world. Their amazing tools have effected some recipients so deeply, they've even begun volunteering for the company. Stephen Davies, 40, is one such volunteer who began researching and doing development for the company after receiving a prosthetic hand. 

Now, Davies is paying it forward by traveling 200 miles to Bristol, United Kingdom to make one important delivery. 


Davies gifted a 3-D printed prosthetic arm to 8-year-old Isabella.

Davies and Isabella connected through the e-NABLE and the UK Organization "Reach," which matches volunteers and people in need of an e-NABLE product. According to the company's blog, Isabella's parents say they first became aware of the 3-D printed devices when they saw videos and stories shared through e-NABLE's Facebook page

"The impact on Isabella's confidence was almost immediate, she's never been a shy girl, but we are aware of when she is self conscious, particularly in public places..." blogs her father Matt. "...after she got it, [she] proudly strutted around wanting the world to see it."

Isabella's joy as she tests out her new device is priceless. See for yourself...

And the happiness is mutual for both her and e-NABLE, as now Isabella will act as one of the company's new Beta testers that will help them "develop stronger and better arm designs for [their] many eager recipients on [their] wait list," according to the blog.  

Her father notes Isabella is still getting used to the device and learning how it works, as "she's having to use muscles she hasn't had to rely on previously, so she's busy testing out picking various things up and working out what she can and can't do with it."

“It’s amazing and I LOVE the colors! I'm going to use it for as many things as I can!” says Isabella of her new device.

On e-NABLE's blog, Matt reminds readers that the device isn't a traditional prosthetic hand, but rather a tool that gives people the ability "to do things they may have previously struggled to do." He says, "The confidence boost alone is well-worth taking a step into this journey..." 

Watch the video of Isabella trying her new e-NABLE device for the first time.

To donate to e-NABLE to help them continue to create amazing work, visit here. 

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