Isaac Hou Is A Street Performer With An Insane Routine That Makes Him The Real 'Lord Of The Ring'

He truly rules them all.

Imagine a penny that has been stood on its side, and then flicked so it spins in circles. Now imagine a person riding on that spinning coin, doing tricks along the way. Essentially, this is the experience for a Cyr wheel artist. The Cyr wheel itself is a large, metal ring.

Isaac Hou is a Taiwanese-Amercian street performer who performs routines with a Cyr wheel. Though the Cyr wheel itself looks unassuming enough, it comes to life when Hou steps inside and starts performing the gyroscopic acrobatics that need to be seen to be believed.


Check out the incredible performance here:

Immediately, Hou demonstrates the balance and agility required to master the Cyr wheel.

But it gets crazier than that.

He even does loops that are dependent on some serious upper body strength.

Hou make this "coin spin" look effortless.

"Look, Ma! No hands!"

[H/T: Rumble]

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