Isa Is 3 And Has Terminal Brain Cancer. Her Last Wish Is For Some Cards. Let's Send Her Some.

Please do this.

Isa Mengers is 3 years old and has fourth stage brain cancer.


Her story was posted on Reddit by user Visvis

Isa has been struggling with brain cancer for two years. Recently, however, her parents, Monique and Edwin, found out that the tumor has advanced. It is inoperable. It will kill her.

They've already started planning her funeral. Isa's 8-year-old sister Suus sometimes stays home from school to be with her.

Isa's only wish is to receive some postcards — in envelopes, because she likes to open mail — for her and Suus.

The video below is in Dutch, but shows Isa and Suus opening some mail.

A 1 ounce rectangular envelope (or a standard letter) sent from the USA to Holland costs $1.15 to mail. 

Please send Isa and Suus some cards. 

Isa Mengers
Haitsma Mulierweg 28
7101 CA Winterswijk
The Netherlands

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