Is This Thing On?

IoT and the Importance of User Centered Design

The Internet of Things is destined to reshape cities, the workforce and the home, but it's currently struggling to find the balance between meaningful data and a compelling user experience.

Technologies often debut before the need for them has been defined, and often there's a discrepancy between how these innovations function and if there is true value in it for the user.

Mario Esposito, CTO and Co-Founder of Sensoria, connected with like-minded innovators on the panel Does The Internet Of Things Need To Be User Centered? We Say Yes. Mario and his peers believe the IoT should be capable of fulfilling tangible user needs – and there is a new revolution brewing to make it happen.

"Humans need to interact with machines as if they're interacting with actual humans," was the common sentiment of the panelists.

More important than the collection of data is how to make that data useful. It's not about the connected device; it's about how consumers leverage the data in the context of their day. "The reality is, you need information that is actionable. Sensors provide the knowledge, but you need to show people how to use that knowledge," said Esposito.


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