Watch Irish People Taste Test American Breakfast Foods For The First Time

"I've got such bad heartburn already. It's literally been two seconds."

In the past, we've seen Irish folks try out American St. Patrick's Day-themed desserts and American Thanksgiving food for the first time, but this time around, they're getting a spoonful of some fare eaten a bit more regularly in our calendar year. Many Americans would call it the most important meal of their day. 

In a new video for YouTube channel Facts., pairs of Irish people sat down to taste test some American breakfast foods. They dug their forks into four different dishes — peach and blueberry pancakes, a crispy hash breakfast skillet, apple and cinnamon waffles, and biscuits and gravy.

For the most part, the taste testers loved what was on the plates in front of them, but hearing their initial reactions was pretty amusing. For one, multiple people thought that the apple and cinnamon waffles were actually "waffles and wedges." 

"Oh, this is apple! Oh, wow! Look at how un-classy we are," one guy said.

Their least favorite dish? Biscuits and gravy. "It looks like my dog was sick and then you put a little crumpet on top," one woman said. We have a feeling they might feel differently if they tried true Southern biscuits and gravy, though. 

We love that these types of videos give us an outsider's perspective of our culture while simultaneously encouraging people to try things that may be a little out of their comfort zones. 

To see all of their reactions, check out the video below: 



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