Watch Irish People Taste Test Traditional American Thanksgiving Food For The First Time

"Do you feel more hope in America now that we've tasted their fare?"

Sometimes, you just don't appreciate what you've got until you see other people appreciate it for the first time. Or at least that's how we felt watching these Irish people eat their first Thanksgiving meal. 

In a new video for YouTube channel Facts., pairs of Irish people sit down to taste test five courses of traditional American Thanksgiving food. Their menu includes, butternut squash soup, scalloped potatoes, spice roasted carrots, turkey and cornbread stuffing with cranberry sauce, and pecan pie. 

With the exception of the carrots, which are met with mixed reviews, all the taste testers are in agreement that Thanksgiving food is absolutely delicious. 

"You could eat this all day," one man says after trying the pecan pie. "It feels like I've been cheated my whole life because I haven't had this before." 


Check out their reactions in the video below:


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