Irish People Taste Test American St. Patrick's Day Desserts And They Are Not Really Having It

"They don't make me want to wear green and do a jig or anything."

If anyone can judge St. Patrick's Day desserts, it's the Irish.

So in a new video for Facts., Irish people taste test American St. Patrick's Day treats, including green velvet cake, Irish potato candy, and shamrock cookies.

Though the desserts get mixed reviews all around, one thing's for certain: just because it's green doesn't mean it's a proper St. Patrick's dessert.

"So, basically, what makes it [for] St. Patrick's is it's just green ... yeah?" one guy wearing a red hoodie asks while tasting shamrock toffee fudge — which, by the way, everyone hates.


Other funny moments occur as the Irish are handed a "nuclear waste"-looking cake and Irish potato candy that definitely won't make people "want to wear green and do a jig."

Regardless, the video certainly puts us in the St. Patrick's Day spirit, and perhaps this year we'll celebrate with some green treats and a Guinness ourselves. 

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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