Irish People Taste-Test What They Think Is American Christmas Food — And We're A Little Confused

Have you ever had a pomegranate-jeweled cheeseball on Christmas morning?

It's always so entertaining to watch people react to trying certain foods for the first time. That's why we enjoy seeing kids taste-test foods from different cultures or watching picky-eaters try more adventurous foods. We love to see their reactions and hear their opinions on foods we already love, hate, or are interested in trying ourselves. 

The YouTube channel Facts. is constantly making these types of videos in which Irish people react to eating or drinking particular foods and beverages for the first time. We particularly enjoyed their video from last year in which pairs of people sat down to taste-test five courses of traditional American Thanksgiving food. Their reactions reminded us that another thing we have to be thankful for is our Thanksgiving fare. 


In their most recent video, they decided to tackle another holiday: Christmas. Six Irish people sat down to judge what the YouTube channel is calling "American Christmas food," but we beg to differ. 

On the menu is roasted chestnut cookies, eggnog cupcakes with spiced rum, cheese puffs, peppermint buttercrunch, and pomegranate-jeweled cheeseballs. Unlike the options served up in their Thanksgiving video, we don't think of many of these options as traditional Christmas food in the U.S. In fact, we haven't even heard of some of these things. 

But that's what makes this video so great. Watching them drink eggnog, and eat glazed ham and roasted vegetables doesn't sound nearly as appealing as seeing them laugh and gag their way through weird, sort of holiday-themed foods. 

Despite the fact that none of these things are on our holiday menu, watching this video still made us more excited for the holidays. We particularly love the touch of pulling up a video of a wood-burning fireplace as they ate. 

Check out the video for yourself above and let us know in the comments if you've ever had any of this stuff.


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